About Us

We are a science inspired cosmeticeutical company that is focused on discovering, developing, and commercializing novel products and ingredients for skin care, anti-aging, weight management, and other cosmetic applications.

Our flagship product is Elite Serum, an internally developed, anti-aging topical cosmeceutical. Our staff of specially trained cosmetic pharmacists and scientists developed Elite Serum using our proprietary anti-aging technology, which is based on a unique combination of patented DNA precursor pool peptides.

In addition to Elite Serum, we have discovered and commercialized other scientific breakthroughs in skin care.  Our Delfogo line of products consist of some of the most advanced and award-winning cosmeceutical innovations in the anti-aging industry. Additionally, our in-house cosmetic engineers have recently designed the Bellapulse Advanced Pulsar Technology device specifically to work in conjunction with our scientifically developed line of skin care treatments.

Our specially trained cosmetic pharmacists are currently testing new products that represent breakthroughs in the biopharmaceutical industry.  Our team has developed DNA Serum, which breaks new ground using patented peptides derived from Borneo’s Temple Viper snake venom in a powerful topical anti-aging eye treatment.  DNA Serum is currently in the Preliminary Phase of our developmental process.

Our Strategy

The key elements of our general strategy are as follows:

  • Focus on Elite Serum and Delfogo.  We intend to focus our efforts on the continued commercialization of Elite Serum and Delfogo in the United States, Asia and the European Union.
  • Rollout and expand commercialization of Bellapulse.  Commercialization of Bellapulse will rollout to include the European Union, in addition to the United States and North America.
  • Advance our developing products and technologies.  We intend to advance our pipeline of product and technology candidates independently or through licensing, collaborations or other opportunities.
  • Maintain research and development capabilities to advance our pipeline.  Our technologies, our cosmeceutical discovery infrastructure, and the integrated approach to research used by our scientists have allowed us to identify and develop a number of targets and novel compounds.  We intend to maintain our research and development capabilities to selectively advance our programs and to discover additional cosmetic applications and technologies.

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