Posted on 22nd April 2019

Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine for Your 60’s+

During our 60s and 70s, inevitable bodily changes happen. Aside from sagging, our skin will also get dry and mired with age spots that are difficult to remove. You might also be surprised to see new moles growing all over your body. Wrinkles will also be a constant company.

Our biggest enemy during our 60s and beyond is dry skin. You will notice the cracks and your cutis starts to feel and look crepey. Here, it’s no longer just about caring for your face but taking a good look on your entire skin.

Here, we came up with a skincare routine that will keep your skin soft and nourished.

The 60+ Skin Care Routine

It’s best to start your day with a nice skincare routine. This way, you can prevent excessive drying and peeling.

Remember, the products you use in your 30s and 40s are no longer ideal for your skin. At 60, we need to be gentler to avoid irritating our thinning and aging skin.

CLEANSE. Wash your face with a mild cleanser foam. As much as possible, avoid using bar soaps. Any liquid cleanser will do, but try to find one with fatty acids and natural ingredients. The likes of shea butter, coconut oil, and hemp seed oil are excellent due to their anti-aging effects.

Wash your whole body as well with a product that’s loaded with moisturizing ingredients. When drying your face and body, dab the towel and leave a little moisture so the products will easily be absorbed.

GROWTH FACTOR SERUM. Unlike other serums, a growth factor serum will help in the production of collagen that will help lighten up your fine lines. If dark circles are an issue, I recommend that you try the Elite Serum Rx. Apply it in the morning and in the afternoon to keep your skin refreshed.

MOISTURIZER. Never skip the moisturizer part since this will prevent the pesky cracking of your skin. I personally like the hemp oil moisturizer because it also contains Vitamin C and Vitamin E that help keep the skin stay plump.

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Anyway, you can also try cream-based moisturizers since the milk proteins will help rejuvenate your skin. And aside from your face, make sure that you apply a nourishing body lotion packed with Vitamin E.

SPF. During our 60s, our skin is more vulnerable than ever to the harmful rays of the sun. With this, it’s imperative that you apply an SPF30 sunscreen each morning. It’s good if your moisturizer already has a sunscreen effect.

UNDERARM AND NECK CARE. Hot flashes are common at this age. It’s important that you use an antiperspirant deodorant with moisturizing ingredients. Also, if you’re bothered by your sagging neck skin, I recommend that you use SkinPro’s Skin Care Neck & Decolette Tightening Serum. This is a potent anti-aging serum that also contains Retinol.

Evening Skin Care Routine

Even before you go to bed, it’s important that you give the same attention to your skin. In fact, nighttime is one of the most crucial periods during the day when our skin heals and recovers from damages.

To keep it simple, here’s my recommended routine before bedtime:

CLEANSE. You can use the same cleanser you’ve used in the morning. Again, it should be gentle and moisturizing at the same time.

NIGHT PEELING SERUM. A night peeling serum packed with hyaluronic acid will moisturize your skin in an instant plus it will minimize your fine lines. It also contains glycolic acid that peels the dead skin cells without being too abrasive.

MOISTURIZER/OIL. Again, you have to moisturize even if you’re just heading to bed. Moisturizing at night will make a big difference in the morning since your face will feel smoother. If it’s the summer season, you definitely have to pack up with those moisturizers.

Feel free to use the hemp oil moisturizer from SkinPro. But if you may, avoid cream-based moisturizers at night.

RETINOL. For three to four times a week, apply Retinol to your skin to initiate collage production. This product will help give your skin a younger look. Don’t apply Retinol every single day as it may dry your face too much.

If you have problems with dark spots, I recommend that you complement your routine with the Delfogo Rx Vitamin C 22% Serum. This is excellent in removing blemishes and dark spots all over your face and body.

Weekly staples

For your weekly routines, I only have two simple suggestions: exfoliate and moisturize. Use a mild exfoliant – not a scrub, soap, or strong acid. Do this twice or thrice a week. If you have very dry skin, stick to twice a week to prevent it from being too parched.

Next, moisturize your face using a weekly facial mask. The Delfogo Rx Corrective Anti-Aging Mask is a great choice since it will improve your skin’s elasticity, texture, and tone. This also has a peptide blend that will repair damages and reduce wrinkles. Just apply the mask, let it sit for 20 minutes, and then rinse with lukewarm water.

Quarterly and yearly care

It’s very important to consult a dermatologist every three months to get your skin checked for cancerous moles and blemishes. As we age, your risk to skin cancer increases so it’s crucial that you undergo skin cancer exams regularly.


  1. Skip the fragrance

Highly scented skin products will have more drying effect on your skin. Opt for a milder and natural scent.

  1. Ditch the bar soap

Typical bar soaps have abrasive formulas. It’s better to switch it up to a mild and scent-free emollient.

  1. Be careful with bath oil

If you can, avoid using bath oils. This will increase your risk of slipping and falling. If you want to moisturize your skin, use a body lotion right after your bath.

  1. Stop very hot baths

Very hot baths will only make your skin drier. Nevertheless, you can still enjoy warm baths as long as it doesn’t sting your skin too much.

Even at 60, we should prioritize the health of our skin. This way, you can keep any skin issues at bay. Most of all, never shy away from the help of a dermatologist.

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