Posted on 27th April 2019

Benefits of Frankincense on Your Skin

When most people think of frankincense they usually remember the story of the three wise men. The wise men visited the baby Jesus in the manger and brought gold, frankincense, and myrrh with them as gifts. Most people have no idea that this essential oil is beneficial for their skin among other benefits.

Well, if you can believe it, this essential oil is used to treat skin conditions, fight back against the signs of aging, and even has beneficial properties for skin treatment through aromatherapy. It’s a very effective and potent essential oil and we’ll tell you about its many benefits below.

Frankincense: Treating Skin Conditions through Aromatherapy

You read that correctly. It’s possible to use frankincense oil during aromatherapy to treat many unwanted conditions. But particularly we’re here to tell you that it can treat acne and help clear up the unwanted blemishes from your skin.

Guess what? Other benefits to using frankincense oil through aromatherapy include reduced anxiety, eliminating colds and coughs, and helps with ulcers and indigestion. But if you have serious acne problems that don’t go away using traditional treatments, you should definitely begin a regiment of aromatherapy using frankincense essential oil. It contains properties that will clear up your pores and eliminate acne once and for all. Try it to see if it’s effective for you just like it helps so many others.

Frankincense Oil for Treating Dry Skin

Many of us unfortunately suffer from dry skin and no matter how often we moisturize our skin seems brittle, flaky, and much too dry. Applying frankincense essential oil to the dry patches on your skin will breathe life and health into your flesh and make it look and feel young, supple, and soft once again.

Even more interesting, if you struggle with conditions like psoriasis and eczema you should begin using frankincense essential oil regularly to treat these conditions. It not only soothes dry skin, it also heals chapped skin, eliminates rashes, heals wounds, helps heal burns, and removes the fiery redness of eczema and psoriasis and other types of rashes.

It’s also possible to eliminate stretch marks and old scars using frankincense essential oil. It repairs skin cells, protects the body, and does so much more. You’d be hard-pressed to find another essential oil as effective as this one for treating and improving the look and complexion of your skin.

Treat the Signs of Aging Using Frankincense Essential Oil

Are you starting to look older than you feel? If your skin suddenly has too many dark spots, wrinkles, sagging skin, and enlarged pores, you can use frankincense essential oil to treat all of these conditions. Not only will it make your skin look youthful and beautiful again, it can also slow down and reverse the signs of aging.

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Final Thoughts

As you can tell, frankincense is definitely great for your skin. The benefits are numerous and using it to treat unwanted skin conditions is a great way to eliminate those problems once and for all. So try it and reap the rewards.