Posted on 1st May 2019

Benefits of Sea Buckthorn on Your Skin

As far as skin care ingredients go, we are continuously looking for the next best thing. We want to discover the next breakthrough component to make our skin look young and supple once again. We feel we’ve found this ingredient in sea buckthorn.

This dynamic skin care component may simply look like a tiny berry on the surface, but it has a nutrient profile filled with the best substances for the skin. It doesn’t matter if your skin is dry or oily because the beneficial nutrients in sea buckthorn can treat every type of skin.

The Straight Skinny on Sea Buckthorn

You might be wondering, “Sea buckthorn. What is it?” And like most people, you’ve never heard anything about this skin care dynamo. In fact, you had no idea that this berry even existed until a few minutes ago.

Sea buckthorn isn’t actually grown in the sea or the ocean like most people tend to believe. But it is grown close by on the coastal regions as well as the mountainous areas found in Europe and Asia.

In medicine, sea buckthorn has been used for many centuries if not millennia. References to this berry can be found in texts from ancient Tibet, the Indian Materia Medica, certain Chinese formulas, and it’s even referenced in Greek Mythology.

The skin benefits are derived because the berry is rich with omega fatty acids including omega 3 and 6, omega 7, and omega 9. And these healthy fats are available in their ideal ratios which is even more amazing.

Ultimately, sea buckthorn is wonderful because it helps with skin repair, skin regeneration, redness reduction, and it lowers inflammation. You’ll now find it in many skin care serums because it is so effective at healing and regenerating healthy skin.

The Benefits of Sea Buckthorn for Acne

Since the main cause of acne is inflammation, it makes sense to use a substance to reduce inflammation to treat the problem. That’s where sea buckthorn excels since it is great at lowering inflammation, which makes it a perfect ingredient to treat acne.

If you are in the middle of an acne breakout, you can use a serum containing sea buckthorn to lessen the outbreak. It also notifies the sebum to slow down and stop excessively producing oil, which will stop an acne outbreak dead in its tracks.

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The Anti Aging Benefits of Sea Buckthorn

Dry skin doesn’t have a prayer again sea buckthorn. On the contrary, it contains anti aging properties to repair oxidative damage, promote skin hydration, promote collagen formation, smooth fine lines, prevent skin sagging, and it can even plump up the skin among other benefits.

Final Thoughts

Regularly using sea buckthorn as a topical solution will give the user cleaner and clearer skin. Their skin will be brighter, plumper, and smoother. It will also look much younger as you notice a reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, redness, and so much more. So begin using sea buckthorn every day to experience the miraculous benefits and ensure you’ll maintain a youthful and glowing appearance for many years to come.