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What Is Epidermal Growth Factor?

Many of you may be interested in anti aging products at this point in your life and you may have discovered EGF, also known as epidermal growth factor. This ingredient is an important one in many of today’s leading products to help reverse the hands of time and repair your skin.

To help you better understand, we will provide a more detailed explanation of EGF, the benefits, and tell you whether or not we feel you should consider it. So stick around to learn more.

The Truth about EGF

Bio Placenta serum with EGF

Epidermal growth factor is a single chain, non-glycosylated protein. This protein is a part of our normal skin cells and it occurs in the body naturally. For the most part, the main job of EGF is to help heal the skin. It does so by promoting cell proliferation and DNA synthesis.

There is a receptor known as EGFR, which obviously stands for epidermal growth factor receptor. When EGF binds to EGFR on the surface of the skin cell, it creates a signal that leads to skin cell differentiation, proliferation, and the survival of the skin cell itself.

EGF is very powerful and it could help in a number of different ways. Not only is it there to repair skin cells, it can also repair mucosal, intestinal, and corneal wounds. In fact, this growth factor is so important that in 1986 Stanley Cohen, a biochemist, and Rita Levi Montalcini, a biologist, won the Nobel Prize for Medicine because of its discovery.

The Biggest Benefits of Epidermal Growth Factor

As you can imagine, there are a number of excellent benefits associated with EGF. By adding epidermal growth factor to certain anti aging products, companies have had an opportunity to really improve their offerings because of this important growth factor and what it can do for skin cell health.

Some of the major benefits of EGF include the following:

  • EGF boosts collagen production. This production is critical to the health of healing the skin. Since collagen is a number of proteins located in the connective tissue, it can make the skin more elastic and supple and ultimately make skin look much younger.
  • EGF boosts elastin production. By boosting the production of elastin, the body will naturally heal the skin and make it look younger once again. Elastin is actually very elastic, which means this protein can help connective tissue snap back into place after it is stretched, which will obviously help eliminate wrinkles and sagging skin.
  • EGF stimulates new skin cell growth. By creating new skin cell growth and improving the skin barrier, EGF makes it possible for the skin to hang onto moisture better so it ultimately feels softer and smoother.
  • EGF inhibits melanin production. By inhibiting the production of melanin as wounds heal, it can reduce the signs of hyperpigmentation and even help improve some of the marks and scars caused by acne.

Final Thoughts

Epidermal growth factor is definitely an excellent addition to many skin care products. It helps eliminate wrinkles, brightens the skin, and keeps it hydrated. So it’s definitely worth trying products containing this ingredient because they should be better than the alternative.

You can find EGF in the following SkinPro products:


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SkinPro August Update

Hey, everyone!  I sincerely hope that Summer has treated you well!

We have many exciting pieces of news for you today as we gear up for the Fall Season.

SkinPro News and Updates

First, we’re proud to announce that our fulfillment headquarters has moved to New York!  After ten years of being near our laboratories in South Florida, we made the decision to expand our team and vertically integrate our customer service and fulfillment into one destination.   This will allow us to have a more personal touch with all of our customers as well as benefit from all of the business opportunities that New York offers us.

Next, after quite some time of development, we’re putting our final touches on our new SkinPro Shopping Experience.  In just a few short weeks, you’ll be able to order products directly from us in

Product pic
This under eye cream with CBD extract is one of our current best sellers.

an organized shopping cart and have the additional benefit of adding items to the cart to save money on bulk purchases.  In addition to this, we’ll be doing exclusive product bundles and combos that will not only benefit your skin, but also save you some serious cash.  While we’ve been thriving on Amazon, we have fielded many queries from customers of ours who want to shop directly with us as well as International customers who may not qualify for Amazon Prime.  For this reason, we’ve put a lot of effort into this new interface, and we’ll be launching in with a major sale.  Stay tuned!

We’ll also be adding an entire tutorial section to the site offering up advice and best application practices for each skin care product we offer.  While this is a major undertaking, our goal this year was to add a more personal touch to our experience.  It’s almost done!

Lastly, until our new shopping experience is done, we’re happy to announce a store wide 25% off sale on Amazon.  Simply use this link and you can enjoy EVERY SkinPro product you add to your cart will be discounted by 25%.

Current hot sellers are our recently released under eye cream made with hemp, and our Seductiva Eyelash Growth Serum.  Of course, long time customers and new customers alike will enjoy this massive savings our on flagship product, Elite Eye Serum Rx.

Please stay tuned for the launch of our new shopping experience as well as another massive sale!

Yours in health,


Timothy J. Schmidt

Founder & CEO