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What Is Platelet Rich Plasma?

There is currently a new type of skin cell therapy known as platelet rich plasma. It’s also known as PRP, which is obviously an abbreviation. At this point in time, certain doctors are beginning to use injections of PRP to help heal the skin. It’s also being used to stimulate hair growth as well.

Ultimately, this therapy is beginning to make headlines because elite athletes and celebrities are starting to use it on a fairly regular basis. Athletes are using it because it’s also capable of helping them recover from their injuries faster. Celebrities use it because it’s skin cell therapy that makes them look younger and more beautiful for the cameras.

We’ll take a moment to better explain platelet rich plasma for you below. Stick around to discover the truth about this current phenomenon.

Some Quick Facts about PRP

First off, doctors are beginning to use platelet rich plasma fairly regularly now for a number of different reasons. But for the most part, it is capable of encouraging healing, which is why athletes are getting so many great benefits from it because it helps them heal from their injuries much faster than traditional therapies.

It’s also great because it can reduce inflammation. Inflammation can cause all sorts of problems in a number of different ways, so reducing it is certainly a good thing for multiple reasons.

When compared to certain other treatments, PRP injections aren’t that expensive. In fact, these injections range anywhere from $500-$2000, which isn’t that much if you consider how long it might take you to heal if you let things happen naturally.

rejuvenate dull skin

Plus, from a skin care perspective, PRP injections are amazing because they can help stimulate skin cell growth and make your skin look younger, suppler, smoother, silkier, and a heck of a lot more attractive. So PRP injections are definitely becoming a regular part of the skin care game as well, which is why vampire facials are currently all the rage these days.

There are certain side effects to consider if you are going to try PRP injections.

Mild nausea is one of them. Many people are happy to live with temporarily since the benefits are amazing.

Dizziness and passing out are other potential side effects. For the most part, dizziness is mildly annoying but you can certainly deal with it. Passing out is another story altogether. If you think you might pass out, you may want to take a rest and spend time at home for a while before venturing out into the world again after a treatment.

The Benefits of Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP is really popular because of the great benefits that it provides. Some of those benefits include the following:

  • It can stimulate hair growth when injected directly into the scalp and reduce inflammation that typically causes hair loss.
  • It can heal tissue in the muscles, ligaments, and tendons, which makes it easier to recover from injuries.
  • It can reduce inflammation which can lead to joint pain and other types of pain. By eliminating inflammation, you’ll be able to feel better much quicker.

Recognizing the obvious benefits, we’ve formulated a product meant to mimic this amazing procedure.  We call it the “PRP Facial Serum.”  Also featuring epidermal growth factor, t’s one of our better selling products!  Check it out on this page.


Platelet rich plasma is a new form of therapy that is quite promising. If you need skin care help or you’re trying to recover from hair loss or tissue damage, these injections could definitely speed up the process and help you overcome the issues that ail you.

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The Top Five “Harmless” Habits of Men and Women In Their 40’s

Most people want to look as good as they can for as long as they can. Men and women alike want people to see them the way they see themselves: healthy, vibrant, and in the prime of life.

Yet it seems like most manufacturers in the skin care industry would prefer that vital look to remain out of reach…

…and your own habits you could be helping them. Including some seemingly innocent things like…

Five Habits That Truly Affect Your Skin

1.) Rest & Diet

You can’t avoid some of the negative influences that affect your skin.

Everyone would like to always get enough sleep and eat exactly the right things…

…but that’s just not reality.

If you’re like most adults, you have commitments and taking care of yourself usually comes in last… even though you know it shouldn’t.

It’s an unfortunate fact that we have to pay for it when we don’t get all the sleep we need or eat the things we should.

We can make up the difference in our diets with vitamin supplements… so it only makes sense to turn to supplements for your skin as well… right?

2.) Too Much Love Will Kill You

As people, we’re “designed” to think that more investment should always lead to more return.

If you want fast results, increase the dosage. Yet, more often than not, it’s not that easy.

But still we fall into the trap of believing that, if we’re not seeing immediate results, there must be a problem…

Either with the product… or with our own skin.

3.) Being Impatient with Your Skin

It’s easy to forget that your skin didn’t get in the condition it’s in overnight.

Sadly, there are no miracle cures.

Caring for your skin means dedication… giving it what it needs – when it needs it.

You have to commit the time to see the results.

4.) Product Hopping

Your skin may not do what you want, when you want, but it still works hard.

It can adapt to almost anything it’s exposed to. It can build defenses against not only irritants but also the very things you’re using to try to help it.

Ditching a product that didn’t live up to your expectations is your prerogative… but it’s asking a lot of your skin to rapidly shift from one product to another.

Not only are you unlikely to see the results you want any faster… you’re actually attacking your skin’s natural defenses. Changing products too fast makes it even harder for your skin to show the improvement you’re looking for.

5.) Valid Concerns

Most skincare struggles circle back around to the product you trusted to do what you needed it to do.

It’s always best to practice due diligence with anything you buy… especially those products you put in or on your body.

It makes sense to ask some critical questions like… who’s behind the brand name? What do they make their products from? Where are their materials sourced from? How are their products made? And who or what guarantees them as trustworthy in the first place?

Clinically-tested,  BIO-Placenta Revitalizing Serum is proven to improve the look of your skin…

…and, as a result, it’s become a leader in the anti-aging market.

Created by certified cosmetic pharmacists, BIO-Placenta Revitalizing Serum is loaded with Argireline concentrate and five unique peptides (known as “Human Growth Factors”).

Molecularly identical to the life-giving growth factors found in human placenta, BIO-Placenta’s Human Growth Factors are not available from any other skincare provider.

These Human Growth Factors give BIO-Placenta the ability to penetrate the inner layers of the skin… there, they promote the natural production of collagen, a key component in keeping the skin firm and plump.

Then, BIO-Placenta uses the HGF peptides to diminish fine lines and wrinkles… tightening the skin and giving you softer, smoother, fuller skin after only a few weeks.

Representing the cutting edge of skincare treatment, daily use of BIO-Placenta not only helps to firm, fortify, and nourish your skin… it’s like getting an all-natural facial every day.

Erase your fine lines… tighten and revitalize your skin… and put a stop to deep wrinkles before they appear.

BIO-Placenta Revitalizing Serum: the superior topical alternative to Botox injections and dermal fillers.

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