Quality Control

At SkinPro, we take pride in releasing high quality skin treatments at competitive prices.


With over ten years in business, we’ve developed strong relationships with global research partners who are able to work with our manufacturing labs to develop the most innovative skin treatments that are backed by scientific research, lab testing, and in some cases, even expensive, robust clinical trials.

We collaborate with leaders in the field of cosmetic pharmacology and biopharmaceutical development worldwide and are committed to maximizing the value of our existing cosmeceutical, vegan, organic, and hemp product formulas. These companies have developed many innovations and we have chosen to collaborate with them and use their raw materials, and in some cases, cosmeceutical peptides, in our products.

Elite Serum and DelfogoRx products collaborate with world-class research partners based in the United States and Europe.  In addition to their research capabilities, these companies manufacture high-quality ingredients for cosmetic, biopharmaceutical, and other industries throughout the world.  By providing Elite Serum and DelfogoRx with top of the line peptides and other compounds, we are able to produce skin treatments based on results achieved in controlled laboratory environments.

You will be hard-pressed to find a company with the reputation and experience of SkinPro that offers a wide range of skin treatments we develop that utilize everything from natural and organic ingredients to human growth factors (HGF), stem cells, and laboratory-crafted peptides.

Sederma, CenterChem Inc., Pentapharm, Lucas Meyer Cosmetics, and Lipotec are global leaders in research, biopharmaceutical development, and technological advancement and we continue to work side-by-side with these companies to expand our product lines and continually develop new and more advanced cosmeceutical products.

With our recent expansion into the Certified Vegan & Organic skincare market, as well as the hemp product spectrum, we’ve also pledged membership with the National Hemp Association.

Most importantly, throughout our development process, we work carefully to ensure the safety and efficacy of each treatment.

We never use animal testing in any step of our batch testing and make use of several levels of testing before introducing new treatments and products to our consumers.

Each of our products is manufactured in laboratories where employees are all trained on GMP’s and FDA rules and regulations.

The state of the art laboratories are ISO 22716 certified, FDA registered, and routinely inspected, at random, by the United States Food and Drug Administration, the State Health Departments, and the Department of Agriculture.  As we continue to adhere to the stringent regulations, we are confident that our world-class team helps us manufacture, market, and distribute world-class skin treatments using the latest scientific findings.