Posted on 3rd August 2012

Delfogo Cosmetic Co. – Coming Soon – Q1 2013

Many of our loyal Skin Pro customers have been enjoying the 28 skin products we’re launching this Summer under the brand name of Delfogo Cosmetics Co. for many months. While the world-class products are completely done and starting to go to our International distribution channels, we’re still putting final touches on our official Delfogo website. While this takes place, the eight marquee products are available, but not being marketed, in our beta shopping cart.

The website and order platform we’re making for Delfogo will be like none other. The products are coded in several groups with unique color schemes that identify them with the class of products we’re offering. For example, our mens line is color coded in black. This line of products is so complete, we even have a line of skin treatments for sensitive skin. While we’re very happy to be on track for a Summer launch, we’re also pleased to release this sneak peak of the brand’s entire suite of products.