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Elite Serum Customer Testimonials Show Amazing Success Story

MIAMI, FL–(Marketwire -08/02/12)- Ipopularity tracks the hottest trends on the web. Alarms went off when researchers ran into a blazing hot skin care brand. Skin Pro International, Inc.’s flagship product, continues to garner rave reviews in a competitive anti aging product market. Elite Serum’s eye-catching airless syringe has been winning over customers since re-launching with an enhanced formula and precision dispensing system. A recent request to customers of Elite Serum to send in their reviews in exchange for free product was met with instant success.

The South Florida-based skin care company recently posted an update on their corporate website asking customers for their feedback. Many customers have already sent in videos of themselves using Elite Serum while talking about their experience with the popular skin rejuvenation product that focuses on alleviating dark under eye circles, bags, puffiness, and even eye wrinkles. The customer testimonials can be seen on the Elite Serum YouTube channel.

“We were thrilled with the success of the promotion. We heard from customers of all backgrounds and were happy we got to know them better. Teachers, students, even models and actresses, we were happy to find out that our customer base is even more diverse than we originally anticipated,” company spokesman Richard Banks noted.

One classic example is model & actress Deborah Funes, a Latin beauty born in Argentina. Funes has been the exclusive lingerie model for an Italian clothing line as well as appeared in numerous motion pictures and continues to thrive in the entertainment industry. In her testimonial, Funes raved “I look younger” after using Elite Serum in preparation for castings in a competitive Miami modeling market.

“What started as a test project to hear from our customers ended up showing us that not even celebrities are above using anti aging skin care products. The diversity of our customer base really taught us that everyone seems to be more proactive in taking care of their skin,” Banks added.

Skin Pro has had a busy second quarter. The company announced that its most complete skin care brand, Delfogo Cosmetics Co, is slated to launch in the third quarter. The 28 products are divided in many categories and are suitable for use by all skin types. The privately-held company currently fills orders for its “Marquee” line of anti aging products, and the entire line will be available on September 1.



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