Elite Serum

Elite Serum is an internally developed, anti-aging topical cosmeceutical. It is a scientifically designed eye serum, which is formulated using an exclusive combination of unique DNA precursor pool peptides.

The latest version of Elite Serum released in September 2013 is the Elite Serum Rx.  This Extra Strength edition is only available through SkinPro operated websites and Amazon.com.  (Amazon Prime members will get preferred shipping on this product in addition to being fulfilled by Amazon.com’s multiple warehouses, ensuring rapid delivery and top-notch customer service.)

Elite Serum Rx (Extra Strength) is intended to reduce the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, and the appearance of crow’s feet and fine lines around the eyes. With continued use as directed, Elite Serum Rx can improve tone, skin elasticity, and firmness, which improves the youthful appearance of users of any age by restoring a more youthful eye contour.

Elite Serum Rx
Our flagship product, the Elite Serum Rx.

Since 2009, Elite Serum has been a flagship product.  Originally putting SkinPro on the map as one of the fastest growing skin care companies in the world, it continues to be re-formulated with the latest scientific breakthroughs. SkinPro scientists reformulate Elite Serum every 18 months in order to assure its perennial standing as the world’s most powerful eye serum.

Our staff of specially trained cosmetic pharmacists designed Elite Serum using a proprietary anti-aging peptide formula developed by scientist Irwin Grams. The ingredients are exclusively sourced in the United States, France, Germany and Switzerland. Fully trained and licensed technicians at SkinPro’s laboratory facility in Florida manufacture this product in a GMP and ISO 9002 certified environment.

  • Argireline®, the brand name for Acetyl Hexapeptide-3, is considered the best needle-free alternative to Botox. Around the eyes and on the forehead, in a 2002 study by the International Journal of Cosmetic Science, it was shown to reduce wrinkle depth by up to 30 percent after 30 days of treatment.
  • Matrixyl 3000™ contains the matrikines, Pal-GHK and Pal-GQPR. These matrikines are vital to cutaneous restructuration and repair. They activate the neosynthesis of extracellular matrix macromecules, thus providing Matrixyl™3000 with a visible anti-wrinkle efficacy. They are capable of regulating cellular activity by interacting with specific receptors to trigger the stimulation of certain genes involved in the process of cell proliferation and extracellular matrix renewal.
  • Syn®-Coll is an aqueous based peptide considered ideal for activating Tissue Growth Factor (TGF), which is the key element in the synthesis of collagen, a crucial component of the extra cellular matrix (ECM) of the skin. Degenerative changes in the skin take place without this crucial piece of the cellular puzzle. Syn-Coll compensates for collagen deficits and makes the skin look more youthful.
  • SNAP-8 is an octapeptide that is an elongation of the peptide Argireline®. It is well known that the molecular mechanism involved in facial aging is due to the changes in the collagen triple helix, as well as degradation of elastin peptides and the packing of the lipidic matrix of the skin. By modulating muscle contraction, the changes in the conformation of collagen and disturbance of the lipid matrix can be significantly impacted.
  • Haloxyl® is also known as Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7. This peptide reduces puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. By encouraging proper circulation in the eye area, Haloxyl® reverses the buildup of fluids that naturally occur at night. A common cause of puffiness and dark circles, eyelid swelling is occurs, when you lie down because gravity causes fluid to accumulate in your lower eyelids. Haloxyl® counteracts this effect by increasing lymphatic drainage by up to 85% in clinical studies. In addition, Haloxyl® breaks down and flushes out the eye area, removing the toxin-formed pigmented blood that causes dark circles to form.
  • Eyeliss™ is a proprietary combination of three active peptide molecules designed to rapidly, and effectively, reduce puffiness and bag volume under the eyes. This bio-molecular engineered solution was discovered as a result of sensory perception screening tests, which were specifically designed to treat puffiness under the eyes. Eyeliss is composed of three important ingredients:
    • 1. Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone decreases the capillary permeability in the lower eyelid. This molecule primes the delicate skin of this area for lymphatic drainage and toning.
      2. Dipeptide Valyl-Tryptophane is a peptide, which increases lymphatic circulation leading to drainage. This peptide is responsible for safely draining the fluid out of the puffy eye bags.
      3. Lipopeptide Pal-GQPR improves skin firmness and elasticity, which helps to remove fine lines and wrinkles on the sensitive lower eyelid skin. In addition to aiding firmness and elasticity, this peptide decreases the inflammation commonly caused by other lymphatic drainage agents.
  • Red & Green Seaweed Extracts target glycation. Glycation takes place when natural sugar molecules bond to a protein or lipid molecule without the controlling action of an enzyme. This process impairs the function of biomolecules and weakens the skin structure at the cellular level. The result is a less firm surface and an increase in wrinkling. These natural seaweed extracts target this process and preserve the skin’s natural collagen. Studies have also shown that natural seaweed extracts inhibit two enzymes linked to the breakdown of the proteins elastin and collagen, and inhibit a range of viruses from entering the cells; making is an ideal ingredient for a therapeutic facial cleanser.
  • Hyaluronic Acid is important for maintaining hydration substances in human skin. Natural Hyaluronan concentrations in the skin decrease over time. As a result, the skin’s ability to maintain moisture is weakened and has a rough and dry appearance. Hyaluronic Acid penetrates the dermis, where it combines with water and increases microcirculation and nutrient absorption. Rapid skin rejuvenation results and wrinkles, crow’s feet, and other cosmetic signs of aging around the eyes diminished. These signs of aging can be caused by sun damage, smoking, stress, and other common factors. Hyaluronic Acid is also commonly known by its brand name, Restylane®.

Features of Elite Serum Rx

  • Syn®-TC from Pentapharm was recently added to the newly formulated Elite Serum Rx (Extra Strength). This synthetic peptide-based complex is tailor-made to ensure best performance for high-perfoming, anti-aging eye serum formulas. It significantly increases the formation of Collagen I, III, IV, VII and XVII to facilitate their unique contribution to beautiful, smooth skin. In a comprehensive study consumers confirmed the experienced a new dimension of skin smoothing around the delicate eye areas. In only 28 days at usage level of 2.5%, the skin around the eyes becomes smoother with a softer touch and an improved overall young-looking appearance.
  • Inyline™ was created by Lipotec to target muscle contraction around the eyes by blocking the agrin binding site in MuSK and its mechanism of action. This in turn causes modulation of muscle contraction leading which leads to muscle relaxation. From a cosmetic point of view, in the treatment of expression wrinkles, this action is critical in the contraction process and therefore the blockage of it results in muscle relaxation, with the skin surface appearing smoother and line depth decreasing.



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  1. Is Elite Serum RX still available? Amazon says it’s currently unavailable and I can’t find another source to purchase it/

    1. Yes, always! It was offline for one day as we re-configured that store. Sorry for any inconvenience. You can always buy direct from us by calling our toll free number as well.

  2. I buy the elite serum currently, could I get a better price or discount?

    1. Hi Elsa,

      Thanks for your inquiry. We do sell 4 packs on occasion. Your best bet is always reaching out to customer service to get an updated promotion or coupon.

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