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How to Prevent Skin Tags

In an earlier post, we talked about the causes of skin tags. Now that you know why they form in the first place, you can make better decisions and lifestyle choices to keep skin tags from taking shape on your body. Nobody likes the unsightly look of those tags of loose skin, so prevention is key if you want to keep them from forming at all.

How To Keep Skin Tags Away

First off, if it’s too late and you already have some skin tags on your body, we recommend our Extreme Skin Tag Remover product to safely and quickly remove those ugly blemishes. Once they are all gone, you can heed the following tips to keep them from coming back.

One thing that you can do is lead a healthier lifestyle. It has been indicated by medical research that skin tags are a pre-diabetes symptom. Consuming too much sugar, saturated fats, and other unhealthy food can lead to becoming overweight or obese. As mentioned in our previous post about how skin tags are formed, these conditions are ripe for creating skin friction that leads to the formation of skin tags.

By making wiser choices for your lifestyle and diet, you can lose weight and become healthier and alleviate the potential of skin tags from arising from the extra folds in the skin that cause friction. You can’t make a drastic difference overnight, but adhering to a healthy diet and exercise routine will pay off in time and reduce your chances of getting skin tags, as well as promote long-term health in general.

how to keep skin tags away

In the meantime, while there are extra folds in the skin, there are also friction-reducing powders that can be used. Skin tags are most commonly found in the neck area, between the legs (the groin), armpits, and under the breasts – basically everywhere there are folds and two surfaces of skin are rubbing together. There are medicated powders that can help lubricate this friction to reduce irritation and keep the area dry.

Another thing that you can do is stay away from wearing tight clothing. If your clothing is tight, your skin will be rubbing against it with every movement you make. This is why many women experience skin tags on their back, shoulders, and around the breasts, as the bra (and bra strap) lead to friction on the skin. It is also why wearing a necklace can increase the potential for tags on the neck area. Choosing an outfit that has a more relaxed fit can reduce the chances of rubbing against the skin and lessen the potential for tag formation.

While it may be impossible sometimes to prevent skin tags, if you need to tackle them, this is the product we recommend you try:

SkinPro Extreme skin tag & Mole corrector

By making the above lifestyle changes, we can’t say for certain that skin tags will not form at all, but implementing them will greatly reduce the factors that lead to them arising. Some are easier to undertake than others, while some are short-term changes and others require a more long-term effort to take effect, but making these alterations can go a long way to keep these blemishes from popping up.



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