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Skin Pro International (SkinPro) is located in Miami Florida. We manufacture, market, and distribute skin care products to promote healthy skin and keep people looking their best.

I’m company President Tim Schmidt, and I founded SkinPro to help consumers feel better about the way they look and feel without going broke.

In 2008, my adopted hometown of Miami, Florida, was among the hardest hit markets in the real estate and financial market collapse.

Women and men alike strive to look their best in the Magic City. If you have ever visited our vibrant City, you know exactly what I’m talking about. During the economic downturn, friends of mine complained of not having the resources to spend on Botox, vitamins, supplements, and skin treatments. This led me to explore the industry and attempt to provide economical solutions that could resonate with people of all skin types.

While consulting for organizations in the health & wellness space, I noticed a serious trend in the online demand for skin creams and anti aging treatments. After further investigation, I identified a serious gap between simple lotions that were obtainable at drug stores and anti aging products that were infused with laboratory tested ingredients based on science, clinical testing, and years of R & D.

Along with an advisor with extensive experience selling health products, I led a team that spent nearly a year working with dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and manufacturing facilities. After exhausting all resources, I decided to enter the market with one “game changing” product that would utilize the most powerful peptides that could fit in a 1 oz airless bottle.

The result was the launch of what has become our flagship product, Elite Serum. A perennial best seller and global brand, the product formula has been improved three times to meet our most demanding consumers needs. Today’s formula, “Elite Serum Rx,” is an all out attack targeting signs of aging around the eyes like wrinkles, dark circles, bags, crow’s feet, and puffiness.

The ongoing success of the Elite Serum brand allowed us to build a team of highly trained, knowledgeable skin care consultants who take pride in helping our customers find solutions to every skin ailment that affects them. The Skin Pro umbrella of companies has grown to five unique brands, with over 50 laser-targeted products, and there is no sign of slowing down. As long as people continue to try to solve the problems our inevitable aging process has on our skin and bodies, we’ll always be hard at work in the lab creating treatments to solve them.

The SkinPro Difference

When I founded SkinPro, I had the goal of creating an All-Star team of strategic partners in every element of the business.

Starting with sourcing ingredients from the USA and Europe, I’ve developed personal relationships with reps from the top suppliers in the world.

As a highly involved owner, I regularly consult with Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, Med Spa Owners, and Pharmacists. This ensures that I can push our laboratories and continue to stay years ahead in the Research & Development department.

I pride myself in being highly approachable, reachable, and accountable. Fill out this form to contact me directly.

Every email gets answered.Every problem gets solved.Every customer leaves satisfied.

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