Founders Combo





Our special of the month is the exact skin care product combo that our Founder uses on a daily basis!

First, apply the Bio Placenta Facial Serum, and after letting it absorb, apply the Hemp Under Eye Cream.

This 1-2 punch is the perfect way to add moisture to your skin, get rid of tired eyes, and keep your skin nourished, fresh, and looking radiant.

First, Apply The BioPlacenta Serum

Apply serum directly to facial areas being treated.
Blend edges and wait 20 minutes before rinsing with tepid water
Avoid direct eye contact.

Next, Apply the Hemp Eye Cream

Apply in the morning and evening, gently smoothing the cream around the eye area. For external use only. Avoid getting in the eye.

The perfect 1-2 punch to tackle the signs of aging on your face.