Posted on 14th February 2012

Safety of SkinPro Skin Care Products

Many people ask about the safety of using a cosmeceutical skin care treatment. The fact is, 99.9% of skin types will respond very well to a cosmeceutical-infused skin product. However, if you are apprehensive to using such a potent skin cream, we have many suggestions to help you help your skin type adapt to our formulas. Email customer service and one of our skin care consultants will help answer any questions you have prior to ordering.

Safety Regulations as a US-based Manufacturer

While the cosmetics industry is not a regulated industry, ALL manufacturers that reside in the USA are subject to routine inspection, audits, and continued training in order to remain certified and in good standing. Furthermore, the State Health boards must give their stamp of approval to all facilities as well as members of the company whom operate machinery and handle materials. Continued training and certifications are all part of the process in the USA.

Many of our ingredients are imported from France & Switzerland, and formulated in one of our South Florida laboratories.

Accordingly, there is a head pharmacist involved in all aspects of the operation. From importing raw cosmeceutical ingredients to ensuring the proper percentages of each ingredient are mixed appropriately, this entire process is one of extreme importance. Any imported (made outside the USA) skin cream does not have this rigorous quality assurance testing. We know this from experience, as our parent company, Skin Pro International, has been manufacturing other brands of skin & wellness products in other countries for years. Other than presenting ingredients to the FDA to look for banned substances, there is no testing or regular lab visits in any operation that makes skin products outside of the USA’s borders.

Unless otherwise noted and labeled on the product, all SkinPro products can be rendered for use on all skin types and sexes.