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Elite Serum Now Available in the EU &

Elite Serum is now available for even FASTER delivery in Europe. 26 nations are covered by our new FBA agreement (Fulfillment by Amazon) with If you are a customer residing in the below countries, you now have the option of ordering through You’ll get free shipping and lightning fast delivery throughout the EU.

Of course, you can still order on the website, If you do order on the website, you will earn Skin Pro points (10% cash back towards future purchases) as well as be eligible for any promotional Elite Serum coupon codes. Whatever you decide to choose, you’ll still get the same great Elite Serum!

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Safety of SkinPro Skin Care Products

Many people ask about the safety of using a cosmeceutical skin care treatment. The fact is, 99.9% of skin types will respond very well to a cosmeceutical-infused skin product. However, if you are apprehensive to using such a potent skin cream, we have many suggestions to help you help your skin type adapt to our formulas. Email customer service and one of our skin care consultants will help answer any questions you have prior to ordering.

Safety Regulations as a US-based Manufacturer

While the cosmetics industry is not a regulated industry, ALL manufacturers that reside in the USA are subject to routine inspection, audits, and continued training in order to remain certified and in good standing. Furthermore, the State Health boards must give their stamp of approval to all facilities as well as members of the company whom operate machinery and handle materials. Continued training and certifications are all part of the process in the USA.

Many of our ingredients are imported from France & Switzerland, and formulated in one of our South Florida laboratories.

Accordingly, there is a head pharmacist involved in all aspects of the operation. From importing raw cosmeceutical ingredients to ensuring the proper percentages of each ingredient are mixed appropriately, this entire process is one of extreme importance. Any imported (made outside the USA) skin cream does not have this rigorous quality assurance testing. We know this from experience, as our parent company, Skin Pro International, has been manufacturing other brands of skin & wellness products in other countries for years. Other than presenting ingredients to the FDA to look for banned substances, there is no testing or regular lab visits in any operation that makes skin products outside of the USA’s borders.

Unless otherwise noted and labeled on the product, all SkinPro products can be rendered for use on all skin types and sexes.

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Dr. Oz Compares Argireline to Botox Injections

Dr. Oz has finally put a public message out there regarding something we’ve harped on since 2009: Argireline is a serious anti wrinkle ingredient and can be compared to Botox! Skin Pro was recently featured in a press release that talks about Dr. Oz’s famous show where he made an example of a 44 year old woman who guests estimated was 53 years old!

Read more about the show and an ingredient we’ve stood by since our inception: Argireline.

Yahoo! Finance Story on Dr. Oz, Argireline.

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Dr. Oz. Suggests Argireline Creams as Botox Alternative; Fine Line Reduction

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL–(Marketwire -02/06/12)- Beach Marketing reports “what’s trending” on the Internet. A Friday television appearance when the acclaimed Dr. Oz made an example of a 55 year old woman in Times Square has shed new light on an ingredient one company has pioneered since 2009.

Taking his following to the Jumbotron in New York City, the popular Dr. Oz made an example of a guest named Diana. Dr. Oz challenged viewers by polling them asking for guesses as to her age. With her image plastered everywhere, the results were made final. The viewers rationed that her age was 53. The sad part of the story is that Diana is only 44 years young.

When it all boiled down, Diana told Dr. Oz she thinks “her eyes are what make her look old.” Not being able to afford a facelift, Diana accepted the fact she looked older than she actually is. Dr. Oz offered up an ingredient called Argireline.

Argireline is a needle free ingredient used in the best skin creams and serums that “works just like Botox.” The doctor suggests it should be a featured ingredient in the skin creams, extolling its virtues and a recommended concentration is 5-10%.

A company well known for pioneering the use of Argireline and other laboratory-tested ingredients is Skin Pro. Makers of the market-leading Elite Serum, Skin Pro have been educating consumers about Argireline and its anti wrinkle effects since 2009.

“We’ve used Argireline in several of our anti wrinkle products and are a major importer of cosmeceutical products,” stated Skin Pro CTO Richard Banks. “Our laboratory has been at the forefront of blending peptides together to make the best skin rejuvenation creams and daily maintenance products for healthier skin. We owe a lot of our success to the makers of Argireline as it’s been a lynchpin in many of our formulas that help our customers look younger,” added Banks.

In addition to the best selling Elite Serum, Skin Pro has a pending patent for a cold-activated skin cream. The company continues to build its line of boutique skin products from its South Florida location.

Sources from Dr. Oz’s television show, including related blogs, were used when writing this story.

For more information about this story, please contact Beach Marketing.

Angelina Contreras
Beach Marketing, Inc.
Miami Beach, FL 33139
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Delfogo Cosmetic Co.

The SkinPro developmental pipeline runs deep. At the forefront is the Delfogo Cosmetic Co. brand. Currently in Phase 3 pre-rollout advanced testing and integration, Delfogo is anticipated to be the most comprehensive complete line-up of cosmeceuticals to be released in 2012. This new brand features 28 products, many that are loaded with new and exciting combinations of peptides and DNA precursors. Current SkinPro customers will be given the opportunity to procure these products first in early Q1 2012, ahead of the official planned rollout.

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The NEW & IMPROVED Elite Serum™

Internationally recognized for innovation and creativity in the skin care industry, SkinPro’s marquee product is the Elite Serum. The flagship product of Skin Pro, the Elite Serum is consistently rated as the most effective facial serum on the market by numerous industry sources and publications. This award-winning formula features the most potent blend of peptides ever released as an OTC topical. It is considered to be the only true needle-free alternative to Botulinum Toxin type A injections.