Posted on 22nd April 2019

What Causes Acne Pimples

In order to control the breakout of acne pimples, it is very important to understand how these unsightly and annoying spots form and what causes them to appear on your skin, especially on the face. The most important thing to know that pimples are not caused by any life decisions you take. Contrary to popular belief, acne is not caused by any external factors, this includes your diet and how often you wash your face. Acne is caused by a variety of physiological factors within the deep layers of the skin that are beyond your control.

Down below we will look at the five major causes of acne pimples as well as look at fast and effective solutions to get rid of them.

What Causes Acne

Acne is caused by a variety of factors which vary significantly from person to person. While you can’t really control these factors, understanding them will help you find the most effective treatment out there.

Extra Sebum

When the androgens stimulate the sebaceous gland, it may start producing extra sebum (oil). As the sebum makes its way to the topmost layer of the skin, it will start to mix with various dead cells and skin bacteria that have been shed by the lining of the follicle. While this is a very normal process in our skin, the extra sebum in the follicle will increase the chances of clogging in the skin layer which causes acne.


For most people suffering from blemishes, skin problems usually start at puberty because this is when the body begins to produce a hormone called androgens. This hormone causes the sebaceous glands to increase in size which is a natural part of the development of the body. But people who are suffering from acne, have sebaceous glands that have been overstimulated by androgens. This can sometimes keep happening to an individual even in their adulthood.


Bacteria is a normal part of your skin and it exists in all skin types. It is a natural part of the skin and the skin usually uses it to maintain the sebum system. But once the follicle gets plugged, the acne bacteria can start to multiply rapidly. This creates a unique chemical reaction that usually results in inflammation in the follicle and the skin surrounding it.


When the body comes in direct contacted with bacteria it does not like, it sends millions of white blood cells to attack it. This is a process widely known as chemotaxis or in simple words, the inflammatory response. This is the process that makes pimples appear red, painful and swollen on the skin. The inflammatory response is different in every individual.

Follicle Fallout

Dead skin cells that reside within the follicle are naturally shed out and are expelled through the skin’s outer most layer. But people who have overactive sebaceous glands usually experience the shedding of these cells more rapidly. When this starts to happen, the dead skin cells mix with the excess sebum and form a little plug in the follicle. This prevents the skin from completing its natural process of renewal, thus causing acne.

What Is the Best Way to Treat Acne Pimples

If you have recently become a victim of an uncontrollable acne breakout, don’t panic! There are many different kinds of blemish solutions out there to help you fight back this acne breakout. But before you pick an over-the-counter acne solution or treatment, you must know the severity of your condition. Pimples vary significantly from person to person and they can take various forms.

This means that not every solution you find in departmental stores will help you out. With the above 5 major causes of acne, see which solution can help you best.

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