Posted on 22nd April 2019

What Causes Dark Under Eye Circles?

Dark circles under the eye can form due to a variety of reasons as opposed to popular opinion that only lack of sleep is the main culprit behind them. If you have dark circles under your eyes, it could be due to sunlight exposure, excessive salt, caffeine in your diet, as well as many other reasons.

Below we will look at the most common causes of dark circles under the eyes as well as ways in how you can treat them.

How to Treat Dark Circles Naturally

Sleeping on Your Belly or on the Side

Most people believe that lack of sleep is the main culprit behind dark circles under the eye, but the true culprit here is actually the way you sleep. If you sleep lying on your side or on your belly, your face folds into the pillow which puts direct strain around the eyes.Dark Circles under eyes

Expert dermatologists say that sleeping on your back could fix this problem for you as well as benefit your entire face and prevent wrinkles from forming on your chest. Moreover, if you have a case of extremely puffy eyes, you can sleep with an extra pillow under your head because that will get the fluid to move away from your eyelids area.

Excessive Salt or Caffeine

You may have noticed this before that whenever you indulge in something that has excessive salt before going to bed, you wake up with bags under your eyes. This is because certain food having high levels of sodium or caffeine can cause your body to retain water which the skin under the eyes, causing them to appear darker.

If you think you cannot give up on caffeine, especially because you’re a coffee junky, try adding ingredients like Niacinamide to your coffee. This ingredient will assist in increasing blood flow to areas that are stagnant. It also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidants that nourish the skin.

Exposure to Sunlight

If the dark circles under your eye appear to be dark brown in tone, then this could be due to pigmentation. The skin around the eyes is very sensitive to hydration which makes it prone to sun damage. Because the sun causes an increase in melanin production, it will aggravate the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.

Makeup Products

Believe it or not, makeup products that you use to hideaway dark circles under the eyes can actually cause them. If you’re not careful in picking up the right makeup products, they can easily irritate your skin that can worsen the dark circles.

So whether its a mascara, an eyeliner, or a powder, if they are not obtained through a well-known brand, they could cause an allergic reaction as well as irritation. To stay safe, always look for products that are made with high-end and trustable brands. Never try to save money on makeup products.


Sometimes dark circles under the eyes are just something you acquired from your family. If the skin around your eyes is transparent, fragile, and extremely thin, there is nothing you can do about it. Dark circles which appear due to bad genes tend to have a blueish tint and may get worse as you age because of loss of subcutaneous fat. Your best bet is to seek a dermatologist so they can help you treat this condition as effectively as possible.

Excessive Exposure to the Computer Screen

If your work requires you to stare at the computer all day, it can put a lot of stress on the blood vessels around the area where your eyes are. When these blood vessels get larger around the eyes, they can make the skin look darker.

How to Treat Dark Circles Under the Eyes

For an effective and permanent solution to dark circles under the eyes, there are many medical treatments as well as creams, tinctures, and serums available. If your problem persists after you have tried every single home remedy out there, then it is best to either try chemical peels, laser surgery, medical tattoos, or tissue fillers.

But before you try any of these treatments, try your luck with SkinPro Extreme Dark Circle Serum. The serum has recently become one of the most sought out products for dark circles under the eyes because it has shown to reduce eye puffiness and discoloration around the eye area by up to 35% in as little as 8 weeks.

The Extreme dark circle serum is made with Regu-age, a potent anti-aging ingredient made from rice and soy peptides. This is a proprietary blend made by the expert cosmetic pharmacists at SkinPro. It not only increases microcirculation, but also slows the breakdown of collagen, fight oxidative stress, inhibit free radicals from damaging the skin, and reduces eye puffiness and inflammation.

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