Posted on 1st May 2019

What Causes Eczema?

If you or a loved one has ever suffered from eczema, you know how hard it can be to deal with it. To make it worst, the skin condition can suddenly flare up at times. However, what a lot of people don’t know is that even the smallest unthinkable things can cause eczema breakouts. Contrary to popular belief, sometimes how you treat your skin from the outside doesn’t really contribute towards a breakout. Being aware of what causes eczema is still very important to treat it.

You are not alone, in the United States, at least ten percent of people have some form of eczema. Although it is very important to take care of your skin when you have this condition, there are some areas of your life where you should also focus in order to prevent the condition from getting worse.

what causes eczeam and how to use cream treatments

Below we will look at the surprising causes of eczema and how to treat this skin condition at home.

Causes of Eczema

Extreme Weather

Eczema can flare up if you are living in extreme weather conditions. It doesn’t matter if the weather is too hot or too cold, if it is extreme in nature, the condition can become worse. For example, when your body is heated due to hot weather, it may become itchy and you may have to scratch it. When you scratch the body, it can trigger eczema. In the cold weather, the body can often become dried out because of less humidity in the air. When the skin dries and becomes flaky, it can lead to itchiness. Upon scratching this itch, eczema can be triggered.


Many people don’t know that stress can also cause eczema. When stress builds up in the body, it can leave your body without reserve of cortisol which is a natural steroid. When the cortisol is depleted, it can lead to itchiness in the body. And when you scratch that itch, eczema can be triggered.


Everyone loves swimming especially if it is warm outside. The cool water in the pool can often relax your body. But it does not necessarily benefit everyone. Water in the pool can often contain chlorine and other chemicals that are not good for the skin. When the water dries off from the skin, the chemical residue from the water can irritate the skin which can trigger eczema.


If your clothing has jewelry on it, it can also cause eczema. People who suffer from eczema are usually also allergic to nickel. And nickel is usually found in clothing such as zippers, snaps, and costume jewelry.


Fragrance products can also trigger eczema in many people. If you suffer from eczema, it is better to avoid using skin care products with unknown fragrances. If possible, try to use all natural products that have natural fragrances. The fragrances in topical skin care products are made with harmful chemicals that can cause damage to the skin, resulting in eczema.


Believe it or not but the detergent you use can also cause eczema. Detergents and fabric softeners can often leave residue on clothes after a wash. This residue can cause itching in the skin that can trigger eczema. Try your best to use fragrant free detergents with as fewer additives as possible. You can also run your clothes through a second rinse cycle to make sure that no residue is left behind.

How To Easily Treat Eczema


To treat eczema at home, you need to find a very powerful formula that is specifically designed to accelerate skin healing. There are many products out there that provide skin healing but what you are looking for should have medical grade ingredients in it.

The Medical Grade Skin Care Accelerated Skin Healing Treatment is our all out attack on Eczema, and other skin conditions like psoriasis and redness.

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This cream is developed using only medical grade ingredients that help provide quick relief from itchy, damaged, and irritated skin with long-lasting results. The healing treatment has a proprietary blend of natural ingredients that also soothes sensitive, cracked, and dry skin.

So if you are living in unfavorable weather conditions and suffer from eczema due to these conditions, you may want to use this treatment. Since most of the time eczema is triggered due to itchy skin, the skin healing treatment can provide you instant relief, making sure you never have to scratch your skin again.

Another big benefit of Medical Grade Skin Care Accelerated Skin Healing Treatment is that it has active ingredients that also help skin cells recover and regenerate by removing and repairing any excessive damaged or dead skin cells. This makes way for healthier, fresher, and more nourished skin.