What to Do After Getting Kybella

What to Do After Getting Kybella

Many have begun to visit dermatologists and other specialists these days to receive non-surgical treatments to improve the skin around the eyes, cheeks, neck and other areas to bring back a more youthful appearance. One such treatment that has become quite popular is Kybella, an alternative to plastic surgery that reduces fat and tightens skin around the neck and chin that creates the unsightly “turkey gobbler” look.

If you are thinking of getting this procedure done, but are concerned about what the treatment involves and what the recovery looks like, we’ll go into detail below so you can make an informed decision.

Recovery From Kybella Treatments

First of all, before you even think of getting a Kybella treatment, we recommend treating the skin in this area topically through use of a neck firming cream like our Neck and Decollete Rapid Tightening Serum you can view here. It is packed with Retinol and other anti-aging peptides to tighten loose and saggy skin where it shows the most.

If you are looking to get Kybella, it is important to understand what the treatment entails. As mentioned above, it is a non-surgical alternative that is performed by injections in the neck and chin area. These injections destroy fat cells to improve the shape and profile in this area.

As you may guess, while this is a non-invasive treatment, it does not come without side effects and a period of recovery. In addition, note that these injections work gradually and multiple treatments (often 1 to 2 months apart) may be needed to restore the neck and chin to your desired appearance, so recovery may have to be dealt with numerous times.

Before, 2-days After, and 1-Week After Kybella Treatment

Most of the recovery takes place during the first few days post-injection. Initially, the area may look worse than it did before the procedure, as the trauma to the area can cause swelling and fluid build-up. This is perfectly normal and will subside; you can expect your skin to return back to its normal state in about a week, and then continue to improve in the right direction from that point on.

The area will be sore but is generally not bothersome. Others may not notice the swelling, even if you feel it. Some patients return back to their normal routine the following day, whereas others take a day or so off from work until they feel that irritation to the area is less evident. If you are active in exercise, perhaps take a day to wait before resuming your exercise routine.

After the swelling and soreness have gone down, there is no specific aftercare required. It is recommended that you treat the area as you normally would, washing it as part of your skincare routine and cleansing and moisturizing the area to keep the skin healthy.

By letting the injections work their course over a month or two, and repeating treatments as needed, if you can deal with a little pain and swelling then Kybella can be an effective treatment in reducing fat in your neck area and restore a younger appearance.