Best Anti Aging Eye Cream
Award-Winning Elite Serum™

Elite Serum™ is a scientifically designed eye treatment that is formulated with 6 unique peptides.

Elite Serum
Q4 2015 - The Launch of DelfogoRx®

Early testing of DelfogoRx’s Marquee cosmeceutical product line has demonstrated a number of new breakthroughs in anti-aging skin care technology.

Pipeline of Novel and Selective Product Candidates
DNA Serum
Press Releases
04 /6/ 2016 Elite Serum Rx Retail Display Experiences Record High Sell Through In Early Test Markets
07 /30/ 2015 Elite Serum Rx Hits Retail With Sharp New Look
01 /7/ 2015 Elite Serum Rx Receives Distinguished PharmacistTested Certified Seal
08 /7/ 2014 5 Pillars of Growth to Drive the SkinPro Brand Story Into 2015
05 /13/ 2014 SkinPro Announces Sale of Tepamine to South Beach Herbals
03 /4/ 2014 SkinPro CEO Timothy Schmidt Meets With Strategic Partner Lipotec
02 /17/ 2014 Elite Serum Rx Now Shipping From Australia
12 /27/ 2013 The Most Potent Vitamin C Serum Ever Released
11 /14/ 2013 SkinPro #BeASkinPro Twitter Party Goes Viral
10 /1/ 2013 Elite Serum Rx (Extra Strength) Promises to be the Year’s Most Significant Scientific Skin Care Innovation
09 /18/ 2013 SkinPro Appoints David C. Schmidt as Chief Operating Officer
08 /21/ 2013 SkinPro Targets the Thriving OTC Diet Pill Market With the Release of Tepamine
07 /16/ 2013 SkinPro Experiences Tremendous International Demand for Elite Serum
05 /16/ 2013 SkinPro Leverages New Cosmeceutical Technology From Lipotec and Pentapharm to Create the Most Innovative Anti-Aging Formula of 2013
04 /29/ 2013 The Wrinkle Fighting Power of…Temple Viper Venom?

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