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    I am 75+ and am always looking for products for older women. I am not impressed with anti-aging products demonstrated on younger women. The true test of an anti-aging serum is a demonstration of success on older skin. This serum works on my face, my skin looks fresh and supple. Of equal importance is the difference the product has made on my neck. When people tell me that I don't look my age I give credit to this product.

    Beyond just getting rid of my wrinkles and dark bags under my eyes (and fast, might I add), it leaves my skin feeling more nourished. It is much softer and more supple to the touch and has a nice shine to it now. This serum removed years of aging on my face and has been a godsend for me. I’ve been using it on my forehead and neck as well and, though more stubbornly, I’m seeing gradual improvement there as well. Great all around product.

    This serum is like a dream come true. I bought the SkinPro serum just a few days ago after I realized that I had very sore eyelids possibly due to eczema. I only used it for two days and my eyelids are visibly better and well on their way to be completely cured. I highly recommend this product to anyone suffering the same problem as I did.

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