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    Elite Serum 10 Growth Factor Serum

    Elite Serum 10

    Celebrate A Decade of Age-Defying Beauty with This Timeless Serum

    "Truly an anniversary to remember. I’ve been using the Elite Serum 10 for YEARS! No other anti-aging serum has ever come close."

    • Globally-recognized, award-winning formula

    • Powerful anti-aging peptides and growth factors

    • Reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet

    • Minimizes swollen and puffy under-eye bags

    • Moisturizes the delicate skin around the eyes


    How Does It Work

    Visibly diminishes signs of aging.

    By stimulating collagen production, our award-winning serum restores elasticity and firmness to your skin, reducing sagging, wrinkles, and crow’s feet.

    Minimizes under-eye puffiness and swelling.

    Our advanced formula refines skin texture to give you a refreshed and more awake look moments after just waking up and all throughout the day.

    Reduces the appearance of dark circles.

    Actively reduce discoloration by addressing the root causes of pigmentation irregularities, promoting a brighter, more even-toned complexion.

    Hydrates and protects delicate eye area.

    Infusing the delicate eye area with intense hydration both nourishes and acts as a shield against environmental stressors, preventing future damage.

    Powerful Key Ingredients

    “Botox in a Bottle”

    A potent anti-aging peptide with collagen-boosting abilities, Argireline is clinically found to reduce wrinkles around the eye area by up to 40%.


    A tripeptide that slows down the aging process, Syn-Coll boosts collagen production and protects against collagen degradation, confirming its anti-wrinkle efficiency.


    Another powerful skin-smoothing peptide, Snap-8 is known to reduce the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes by more than 63%.


    Tailor-made with a synthetic blend of three different peptides, Syn-TC supports skin elasticity under each layer, making skin appear firmer and plumper.


    Inyline targets expression lines and wrinkles, helping to relax facial muscles and reduce the depth of wrinkles and fine lines by up to 14.9% in as fast as a month.

    Hyaluronic Acid

    Infused with the purest form of hyaluronic acid, our serum helps retain moisture, effectively repairing micro-circulation and nutrient absorption for your skin that is lost over time.


    Containing five different growth factors, Bio-Placenta accelerates skin healing, increases skin renewal rate, slows down the thinning of aging skin, and promotes rejuvenation.

    Your Life Changing Transformation

    1 WEEK

    Morning under-eye puffiness has profoundly reduced, and you start waking up looking refreshed. The delicate skin around your eyes feels hydrated and smoother.

    2 WEEKS

    Stubborn dark circles have visibly faded, revealing a brighter, more even skin tone. Thanks to a boost in collagen, fine lines become softer and less pronounced.

    1 MONTH

    Amazing progress has been made. Wrinkles and crow's feet have lessened, and your skin feels smoother. Your eye area looks more radiant, unveiling your skin's natural glow.

    3 MONTHS

    Collagen production is at its peak, improving skin elasticity and overall texture. You'll notice that not only does your appearance improve, but your confidence also soars.

    6 MONTHS

    Signs of aging have clearly diminished. Your eyes look revitalized, more awake. Your skin is smoother, your complexion glowing. Wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness have become a thing of the past. You are looking more youthful than ever.

    What Sets Apart Our Special Edition Serum in Terms of Anti-Aging Innovation?

    Ten years after launching the first edition of our award-winning Elite Serum, we released Elite Serum 10 – the most complete facial serum under the Elite range.

    Formulated with a synergistic combination of powerful anti-aging peptides and growth factors, our Elite Serum 10 specifically addresses concerns around the delicate area around the eyes, making it perfect for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

    Will this product work for you? Definitely!

    Trust in a decade of age-defying skincare excellence. See the results for yourself!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who can use Elite Serum 10?

    Elite Serum 10 is for people who want a fast-acting, medical-grade solution to significantly reduce signs of aging around the eye area, and achieve a more refreshed look daily.

    How do I use Elite Serum 10?

    1. Using a small amount, apply to clean skin in the morning and evening.
    2. Gently pat into the skin around the eye area until fully absorbed.

    How long does Elite Serum 10 take to work?

    Please be reminded that skin types vary from person to person.

    Users saw a noticeable difference in skin texture from the very first use. Many users continue the use of the product for up to 6 months or longer to maximize results.

    Does Elite Serum 10 have any side effects?

    Elite Serum 10 has no reported side effects.

    However, we advise speaking with a dermatologist before applying this product, and to test very small amounts of the product to gauge your skin’s reaction.

    Will Elite Serum 10 work on all skin types?

    Elite Serum 10 is suitable to use for all skin types - including sensitive, normal, and dry - as well as all skin tones - including fair, medium, and deep.

    Can Elite Serum 1 be used by both men and women?

    Absolutely! Elite Serum 10 can be used by anyone, regardless of sex.

    Can Elite Serum 10 be used in conjunction with other SkinPro skincare products?

    Yes! Elite Serum 10 can be paired with other SkinPro products that suit your needs to maximize each product’s skin-saving benefits.

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