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    Maskne Causes

    Maskne Causes

    If you find yourself having more frequent acne than normal, you can thank the global pandemic, COVID-19.  While the “new norm” is to be in public using a mask in an effort to help stop the spread of the virus, it’s not without it’s side effects.  “Maskne” is a real thing.  Today we’ll talk about the causes of maskne and we’re happy to announce we have a solution in the making here at SkinPro.

    All You Need to Know About Maskne

    The same kind of acne you’ll commonly see in sports, as described by the NY Times as “the type of acne a football player may get where the helmet rubs,” caused the American Academy of Dermatology to advise people how to react to it.

    mask acne

    While society as a whole is prone to getting acne breakouts from wearing masks, I can personally speak about this problem as I’ve taken four flights this Summer in order to facilitate both business and personal endeavors.  In each of the instances of travel, I’ve arrived at my destination with a pimple.  As a skin care brand operator with an eleven year background at helping people have optimal skin care routines, it’s not very common I get as much as a blemish on my face as my routine is very in depth.  Realizing that this problem stems from dirty masks that are often full of sweat, I decided to take action and get our laboratory on a solution to help people with this ongoing issue.  More on that later….

    The people most affected by this are front-line workers and health care professionals, mostly because they require a tight fitting mask which is worn many more hours than the average person.  A recently published letter in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology stated that no fewer than 83% of workers in the health care industry in Hubei, China, were having problems with their facial skin.  

    “Conversations about acne have hit a record high in my practice and in my direct message box on Instagram,”

    -Dr. Whitney Bowe, Dermatologist, Manhattan

    If you suffer from skin issues, you aren’t alone.  There is also the fact that a mask can actually make any pre-existing skin problems worse, or that they can cause new ones.  Add in the heat that Summer provides (especially us here in South Florida with the humidity) and you have a recipe for a skin disaster.

    First and foremost, look at the mask you currently wear.  I’ll go on record saying that there isn’t any reason to sacrifice any level of protection that your mask provides, but do know that according to The Times article, dermatologists advise you to wear a 100% cotton mask as it allows the skin to breathe more efficiently.  However, do your best to keep the mask clean, especially as you perspire.  There are layers of dirt on your mask that you most likely can’t see, so treat your mask as part of your personal hygiene routine.

    Next, make sure you pay close attention to your skin care routine.  (This is where we have a shameless self plug for our product.)

    The best thing you can do in the AM and PM is use a cleanser.  We’ve been hard at work formulating a cleanser that not only works for daily use, but also specifically designed as a fragrance-free, non-soap cleanser that’s entirely natural.

    Benefits of the SkinPro Maskne Wash

    #1:  Removes dirt, oil, and makeup.  

    #2:  Moisturizes and soothes the skin.

    #3:  Provides antioxidant benefits.

    The all natural ingredient formula is great on it’s own and should be used AM and PM, and any other time you get a two minute break to wash your face of unwanted dirt and buildup.

    This product is easy to carry and extremely well packaged, making it easy to tote along to work or wherever life takes you after some time wearing a mask.  The maskne wash is formulated for all skin types, so there is no worries if you have dry skin or sensitive skin, the all natural, unisex product is non-irritant.

    Directions for Use:

    Wet the areas around the mouth, as well as the entire face, with warm water.  Pump a small amount of the Maskne Wash into the palm of your hand and gently massage it into your face.  Avoid contact with your eyes.  Once applied, rinse off the Maskne Wash with warm water.

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