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    Delfogo Rx Stem Cell & Vitamin C Serum

    Delfogo Rx Stem Cell & Vitamin C Serum

    Citrus Stem Cell Science Meets Natural Orange Infusion!

    “I’m officially a skeptic turned believer turned fan! After packing on concealer for redness and blemishes for years, this serum changed the game for me.”


    Amy S.Verified Buyer

    • Significantly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

    • Visibly improves skin elasticity and firmness

    • Intensely hydrates and moisturizes dull and dry skin

    • Diminishes discoloration and evens out skin tone


    How Does It Work

    Keep skin looking young and supple.

    Infused with long-term anti-aging benefits, our serum reverses the clock on your skin, diminishing signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and redness.

    Brighten complexion and even out discoloration.

    With its skin-brightening properties our serum fades blemishes, improves skin dullness, and reduces hyperpigmentation, including dark under-eye circles and age spots.

    Protect skin from sun damage and environmental stressors.

    Combat damage caused by free radicals and reduce oxidative stress caused by environmental factors, including pollution, UVA, UVB, and infrared rays.

    Revitalize, rejuvenate, and regenerate skin.

    Experience a boost in hydration and collagen production as the serum works on a cellular level, promoting a more youthful, radiant, and glowing complexion.

    Powerful Key Ingredients

    Citrus Stem Cells

    Rich in vitamin C and citrus-derived stem cells, this highly penetrative stem cell complex provides a boost of stem cell-stimulating assistance to promote collagen growth, giving your skin a tighter and smoother feel and appearance.

    Natural Orange Oil

    Orange oil helps maintain the health, appearance, and texture of skin by inhibiting the growth of fungi and bacteria to promote clarity, fight acne, and keep skin supple.

    Vitamin C Concentration

    A powerful antioxidant, this skincare favorite boosts collagen production, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, fading hyperpigmentation, and preventing sagging. It also protects against sun damage and environmental stressors.

    Hyaluronic Acid

    A trendy skincare holy grail, this anti-aging humectant provides the skin with intense hydration and simulates healthy cell renewal, keeping your skin firm and tight.

    Your Life Changing Transformation

    1 WEEK

    Your skin will feel a surge of hydration, and the powerful antioxidants from citrus stem cells will begin their journey, subtly brightening your complexion. Initial signs of fatigue and dullness give way to a subtle glow, setting the stage for more profound changes.

    2 WEEKS

    The second week marks the visible onset of change. Fine lines and minor imperfections are gently addressed, revealing a smoother texture. Your skin feels revitalized, and there will be a noticeable reduction in redness and early signs of aging.

    1 MONTH

    Citrus stem cells work diligently, promoting skin regeneration. Age spots and blemishes are visibly diminished, and your skin takes on a more even tone. The synergy of natural ingredients delivers a complexion that's not only brighter but also healthier.

    3 MONTHS

    The transformative phase – deeper wrinkles and lines begin to soften, and the effects of hydration become more profound. The serum diminishing redness and age-related concerns are increasingly evident, unveiling a more rejuvenated complexion.

    6 MONTHS

    Your skin is profoundly renewed, with faded fine lines, improved elasticity, and a luminosity that speaks of genuine health and plumpness. Consistent use delivers a radiant, revitalized, and visibly younger-looking complexion.


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    Delfogo Rx Stem Cell & Vitamin C Serum


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    Delfogo Rx Stem Cell & Vitamin C Serum

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    Delfogo Rx Stem Cell & Vitamin C Serum

    Defy Aging & Blemishes with Our Blend of Science & Nature

    Delfogo Rx Vitamin C Stem Cell Serum stands out as a revolutionary formula that brings together the potent benefits of citrus stem cells from oranges, the nourishing infusion of natural orange oil, and the skin-plumping prowess of hyaluronic acid. 

    Our serum sets itself apart due to its meticulous fusion of powerful, scientifically-backed ingredients that work synergistically to deliver rapid, transformative results, helping you reach your skin’s full, extra-youthful potential – no matter your age.

    Achieve glowing, radiant skin thanks to the breakthrough science behind the rejuvenating power of citrus stem cells, combined with other proven anti-aging ingredients.

    Experience the results for yourself!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who can use Delfogo Rx Vitamin C Stem Cell Serum?

    Delfogo Rx Vitamin C Stem Cell Serum is for anyone looking for a breakthrough plant cell skincare product that effectively combines nature and science. For fans of our Vitamin C anti-aging serum, this product offers an extra nutritional boost, not only reversing the clock on your skin, but keeping it healthy and well-protected.

    How do I use Delfogo Rx Vitamin C Stem Cell Serum?

    Place 2-3 drops in the palm of your hand and apply with fingertips onto the affected area. Apply consistently in the morning and night after cleansing.

    How long does Delfogo Rx Vitamin C Stem Cell Serum take to work?

    Please be reminded that skin types vary from person to person.

    Users saw a noticeable difference in skin texture from the very first use. Many users continue the use of the product for up to 6 months or longer to maximize results.

    Does Delfogo Rx Vitamin C Stem Cell Serum have any side effects?

    Delfogo Rx Vitamin C Stem Cell Serum has no reported side effects.

    However, we advise speaking with a dermatologist before applying this product, and to test very small amounts of the product to gauge your skin’s reaction.

    Will Delfogo Rx Vitamin C Stem Cell Serum work on all skin types?

    Potent yet gentle on the skin, Delfogo Rx Vitamin C Stem Cell Serum is suitable to use for all skin types and skin tones - including fair, medium, and deep. However, due to its hydrating properties, it’s ideal for people with dry and combination skin.

    Can Delfogo Rx Vitamin C Stem Cell Serum be used by both men and women?

    Absolutely! Delfogo Rx Vitamin C Stem Cell Serum can be used by anyone, regardless of sex.

    Can Delfogo Rx Vitamin C Stem Cell Serum be used in conjunction with other SkinPro skincare products?

    Yes! Delfogo Rx Vitamin C Stem Cell Serum can be paired with other SkinPro products that suit your needs.

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